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Research studio speciallized in

Radiation Hardness Assurance of space materials and components performed according to ECSS standards

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Radiation Hardness Assurance

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Radiation Analysis

It is a starting point for qualifying Your hardware and/or materials concerning radiation. You will be equipped with a comprehensive and detailed calculation of radiation loads within all relevant components of Your satellite. Also, recommendations for further radiation tests will be provided.

Total Ionizing Dose (TID) test assistance

It is the first time when Your hardware meets radiation. Here we check how it behaves within the radiation field of the Cobalt-60 source. At this point, we will know to what degree Your electronics are resistant to radiation.

Single Event Effects (SEE) test assistance

Things are serious now. Specific hardware components meet high-energy heavy ions and protons. After that test, we will get the most detailed information about the response of Your satellite electronics to radiation. Also, we will be able to predict how often such effects will occur during the space mission.

VUV/UV exposure test assistance

Materials degrade after being exposed to electromagnetic radiation. Especially dangerous is the VUV and UV part of the solar spectrum.

Particle irradiation test assistance

Protons, electrons, and heavy ions are the main components of solar corpuscular radiation. They irreversible change the basic physical properties of exposed materials.

Something else?

If You have an unusual task to perform in the realm of RHA, then don't hesitate to contact me. I would be more than happy to support You!


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